A downloadable game for Windows

A very short and simple 2D puzzle platformer (can be beaten in 10-20 minutes). Traverse obstacles using the laws of physics by creating gravity wells! Explore the thoughts of Kathy, a physics student as she learns the subject and tries to get through life.

Music from www.soundimage.org (Eric Matyas)
Images from https://www.spacetelescope.org (ESA/NASA/Hubble)
Additional artwork by Prashanthi Immaculate Cooray

Install instructions

Decompress the zip file and run kathy.exe in the folder.


kathy.zip 24 MB


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The game needs more polish and the controls aren't intuitive at all, but gameplay was interesting and narrative got me curious, felt personal. I had to play the whole game using a touchpad, which was quite hard hahaha.

It's a really nice game despite its flaw ;-)